Summer Softball

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Information on this page is current as of summer 2014.

Each summer, Pittsford Little League enters one or more softball teams in the highly competitive summer Little League tournament. At the younger levels, this is an opportunity to compete for a state or regional championship. The 11/12 group could go as high as the Little League World Series. There is a registration fee for tournament play. Please read all of the information below for a brief description of how it all works.

Tournament Levels

There are two levels at which PLL has entered teams in recent years: the age 9/10 level and the age 11/12 level.

Any player whose 2014 Little League age (that is, her age as of 12/31/13) is between 9 and 12 and is playing at the AA or Majors level this Spring may register for summer tournament play. It is highly likely that we will enter teams at the 9/10 and 11/12 levels this summer.

9/10 teams may advance (through District and Sectional competition) as far as the State championship, and even beyond, to a Regional tournament. 11/12 teams may go as far as the Little League Softball World Series.

Travel Teams

There are two levels at which PLL has entered teams for this summers District 4 inter-town travel play. We will have a 9/10 minors team and an 11/12 majors team. These teams will open the season with a tournament the weekend of July 4th, and end the season with a tournament the weekend of August 2nd. During the month of July, teams will play twice a week with Minors playing on Monday and Wednesday nights and Majors playing on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Teams will likely practice 2-3 times a week.


Registration for summer softball is done by age (i.e. age as of 12/31/13). There is a separate online registration form for 9, 10, 11, and 12 year olds. Placement on actual teams will be determined by try-out. Registration coming soon.

Team Formation

Travel Teams are selected via an evaluation process. As national Little League rules limit roster size, there may or may not be roster cuts. Teams are quickly selected and practice 3-4 times per week before tournament games begin. Game schedules will be available in June (early to mid).


Please be assured that we don’t forget that our players are children. We do not emphasize winning at the expense of fun. At the same time, however, these games are more competitive than typical Little League games, as the goal is to win the District tournament and move up to higher levels of competition. (In previous years our 11/12 team has won the District championship and made it to the semifinals of Sectional play.) The experience of many tournament players is that they learn more in a short season of tournament practices and games than they will learn during an entire Spring season. Accordingly, our expectation is that aspiring tournament players will be girls who enjoy the game and are motivated to improve their skills and to give their best effort while competing against equally motivated girls from other towns at a high energy level.


More information concerning registration and fees is contained in the online registration materials. If, after reading that information, you have questions regarding summer registration and play, please email .