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We are located in Pittsford, NY. We offer baseball and softball programs, in spring, summer, and fall for more than 800 children.


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2018 Summer Camps

Sutherland Baseball Summer Camp





The Sutherland Baseball Summer Camp is designed for players who wish to learn both the fundamental skills along with the mental approach necessary to take their baseball game to the next level. The camp will utilize both Sargent Field and the smaller field along with the two batting cages to teach individual and small group drills. The camp will be instructed by Coach DeRosa and the Sutherland Baseball coaching staff, current/former college baseball players, Sutherland Baseball alumni, and current Sutherland Varsity players.


SESSION 1: K - 6th graders 8:30 am – 11:00 am

SESSION 2: 7th - 12th graders 11:30 am – 2:00 pm


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Baseball and Softball Academy Summer Camp



The Baseball and Softball Academy is now accepting campers for their 2018 summer camp. There are half and full day options. A day at camp includes: skill development, games, and trivia.Camp is directed by Pittsford Little League's VP of Baseball Operations and Player Development Director, Kevin Wexler and Brighton's varsity baseball coach, Jason Wasserman. Additional teachers, softball and baseball coaches lead group development and players from Pittsford and Brighton help facilitate success.


Contact or 


Cost:$115-$210 (Multiple Week Discounts Apply)



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Pittsford Community Baseball -> The Next Chapter

Greetings Pittsford and East Rochester Baseball Parents, Families, Alumni & Supporters!

It is with great enthusiasm that we deliver this communication to all of you. As most of you know, the Pittsford community has historically supported three distinct baseball organizations, Pittsford Little League (“PLL”), Pittsford Panthers (“Panthers”) and the Pittsford Pirates (PLL’s travel league). PLL is a “house” or community league, wherein teams are rostered with, and play against, mostly Pittsford and East Rochester based ball players. While the Panthers are also made up of Pittsford-only players, it is a “travel” league, whose goal is to play highly-competitive, baseball against other community teams within and outside of Monroe County by participating in the Monroe County Baseball Region (“MCBR”). Much like the Panthers, the Pittsford Pirates is also a travel team made up of Pittsford and East Rochester based players, who also play against other Little League travel organizations in Monroe County.

With the recent proliferation of several local and independent, for-profit baseball organizations, it was becoming evident to the directors/organizers of PLL, and the Panthers that the concept and experience of community baseball for our young players was fragmented and waning. To make matters even more confusing, we had three separate organizations within OUR town, playing independently and competing for the same players every year!

Early in the Spring of 2017, the leaders of PLL and the Panthers knew there had to be better way to play baseball…and there is.

As of today, on behalf of Pittsford Little League and the Pittsford Panthers, we are very excited to announce the formation of the PITTSFORD COMMUNITY BASEBALL ORGANIZATION (“PCB”). The PCB represents a united youth baseball organization, and combines the strengths and experience of the PLL, and the Panthers to provide Pittsford ball players ages 8-12 with the best possible baseball experience available. Going forward, the Pirates teams will be re-branded as the Panthers.

The unification of leagues, and subsequent formation of PCB, creates a vibrant community organization, comprised of very experienced leaders, coaches, managers and volunteers that will provide all Pittsford youth interested in playing baseball with the opportunity to learn the sport of baseball, develop as a player and teammate, and most importantly, have FUN in a safe environment.

Additionally, for those players whose goal is to play at the middle and high school levels, as a community baseball organization, we expect to start laying the groundwork to establish a solid and long-term partnership of collaboration with the Mendon and Sutherland coaching staffs to create a path of development up to and throughout their high school years. After all, most of the high school players will come from our community program!

You will soon receive information regarding player registration and try-outs for the 2018 season, as well as details on the Parent Information Meeting, where we can answer all your questions, and address any concerns. We enthusiastically believe this to be a very positive and momentous event for Pittsford community baseball, and we anticipate the program to flourish. Below, you will find some preliminary team information and qualitative PCB benefits.

Pittsford Community Baseball Travel Team Makeup

  • Teams will have 12/13 rostered players
  • There will be four levels of travel teams, (for now, we will call them Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze) and will apply to ages 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12
  • Each age group will have a Platinum team, which will be the MCBR Travel League Team
  • The Gold, Silver and Bronze teams will be District 4 (“D4”) Travel Teams. We will field as many of these teams per age group as possible, providing players show capability and desire to play travel.
  • There will be house teams at every age group as well
  • All MCBR and D4 travel teams will be required to play Little League house ball - they will have fun and establish different roles in a non-travel environment, and will be eligible for the most competitive baseball tournament in the world – the Little League World Series!

Why is this beneficial to each organization?

  • We will no longer be competing against each other for players – this has frequently produced sub-optimal results
  • Access to Little League, town and school fields will be greater and better coordinated, and practice time and space can be optimized
  • We will enter the strongest, best teams into the Little League All-Star Tournaments
  • Pittsford Community Baseball will establish a partnership with the Mendon and Sutherland high school baseball programs that will lead to better training and overall coaching
  • Eliminates parental confusion on what program to play in, and the social competition in and out of school from the kids, "Pirates vs Panther"
  • Increases the potential success for player placement onto the appropriate level team
  • Increases travel opportunities for more players
  • Opportunity for players to be moved up during season based on skill progress, team needs
  • Re-engages potential coaches, and increases potential for additional player and coach development
  • Incorporates independent evaluators which will eliminate political and nepotistic player decisions
  • Produces a more structured schedule for practices and games which will minimize and potentially eliminate any conflicts between house and travel ball
  • Improves the talent level at house ball so all players benefit from heterogeneous teams.
  • Players could have the opportunity to play different roles on their house and travel teams
  • Eliminates conflicts with tournaments.No tournaments will be played during the "Road to Williamsport", except for that specific tournament run
  • Communication will improve amongst coaches to ensure the safety of our pitchers.
  • Travel ball will have the priority over house ball with pitching.The only exception will be the house tournament
  • Parents and players will have one identity


Jon Blauvelt, PLL President

Patrick Bailey, Pittsford Panther Baseball Director

Kevin Wexler, PLL Vice President of Baseball Operations

Rich Morelle, GM, Tournament & Travel Baseball

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